Behind the Scenes of Credits: Vans All-Women’s Skate Film by Shari White

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We fell in love with Fabiana, Breanna and Una when we briefly hung out with them during Wheels of Fortune last year. All rad skaters, their energy and dedication shines through everything they do. When we found out that Shari White was filming with them for Vans, we were even more stoked, what a perfect combo. We’ve been fans of everything she’s done with Skate Witches and knew we could expect something great from this. Side note, as with all of the Skate Witches edits… music choice was on point! Read up about the making of the film and if you haven’t yet, give it a watch!

Just under a year in the making, Credits celebrates the diverse energy and personalities of the global women’s skate community. With a talented cast led by three underground favorites — Una Farrar, Breana Geering, and Fabiana Delfino —the film highlights the unique, individual style and expression of a group of friends that skate, hang and travel together.

Credits marks an important milestone for the women’s skateboarding community, exposing a title that in jest challenges the idea that women have often only been showcased in the “credits” section of skate videos. Here, in stark contrast to the former status quo, Una, Breana and Fabiana emerge, gracing the screen with full, complete parts in their own major video. Being directed, filmed and edited by Shari makes this extra notable as some brands have put out an all non-male video, they haven’t had a woman filmer.

Shari White by Norma Ibarra

“Everyone had the opportunity to film their best skating over the past year, with their homies cheering them on,” film director White said of the project. “That is what skateboarding is all about! The laughter and friendship, along with the battles—I hope viewers get a sense of that feeling.”

The film includes cameo appearances from Vans team riders and friends, Beatrice Domond, Cher Strauberry, Clara Solar, Poppy Olsen (who also serves as the film’s art director), Helena Long, Adelaide Norris, Dayana Young and director Shari White herself.

Credits is just some best friends having a good time and making a skate video,” added Geering.

Credits was shot in 4:3 with a mix of HD and Super 8, with footage captured across the US and Canada, in addition to Melbourne, Australia and Barcelona, Spain between April 2019 and March 2020.

Watch Credits on Vans’ YouTube channel as well as a Q&A with the director and main skaters from the film.