Skate Diaries: One half of the duo TheySkate, Schaab

Ever wonder where your favorite skaters sesh? In this new series, we’re taking you through a week’s worth of skating brought to you directly from the source. On this week’s Skate Diaries, one half of the duo – TheySkate, Schaab shares where they literally skate.



I went to Cooper Skatepark before work. Working 9-5 can be difficult when all you want to do is be outside, but Coop is close to my apartment so I capitalize on that in the early mornings— it was perfect out this morning. 

I’m always working on my ollies, but especially this morning. Ollie onto things, off of things, over things, you name it, I’m trying to ollie it. 



Today was the very first TheySkate hang. TheySkate is a space for Queer/Trans/NB/GQ people and allies are welcome. My friend Cai and I started TheySkate together.

This one was at Cooper— we (Cai and Me) aren’t calling it a meetup because we hate forced interactions. I love everyone that came out, and I can’t wait to have our next one (spoiler alert, it’s gonna be pride themed). 

It was iconic, so many people came through. It’s nice to finally have a space to skate with other queer and trans homies where we’re not just an “add on”, you know? That’s why we started this. 



It was a mad dash to finish work before the rain today. Tron and I got to Blue Park like 20 minutes before it started pouring rain. It was the shortest sesh of all time. Wasn’t so bad though, because we went to pick up Cai and get tacos instead. 



It’s the saddest Memorial Day weekend ever (for skating at least) it’s pouring rain 🙁



Skated at Substance Skatepark this morning because of the rain. My friends hate me because I’m always up at the crack of dawn and trying to skate. Solo sesh because no one wanted to get out of bed today. Solo seshes are always fun though and I usually meet some new people. Every time I skate with someone new, I learn something new which is pretty sick.



MEMORIAL DAY, Bless this weather. Starting to skate when you’re old is hard, by old I mean 26– that’s when I started (two years ago). Last summer I “learned” how to kickflip, but barely. Like I was able to kickflip in a crack or standing still maybe 1 out of every 50 tries? Today it was a manifestation of the perfect weather, and good people, and somehow it all just clicked. The kickflip clicked, I got ‘em locked in and I’m so stoked on it. Are they perfect, no! But I don’t care because both my feet are on the board. Some friends were having a BBQ down the street from Blue, so we rolled over there to celebrate the start of pride.



Happy Pride Month, I am beyond sore from yesterday, but I want to shake it off so I skated Cooper again this AM before work. I’m meeting up with Cai and some homies after work today at Blue. I’ll probably just hang out and watch the later sesh today but I’m always learning something new by watching the folks that came before me. 


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