No Rain-checks for NYC’s First All Women and Non-Binary Skateboarding Competition

Having these kinds of inclusive events … is important because skateboarding is an intimidating sport. I would go to the skatepark as an 8 year old girl and get shoved off … but when you know there’s a sense of community wherever you are it’s like, ‘hell yeah, let’s go and skate … I just want to have fun’. 
-Alicia Baggieri, participant at Divine Grind.

All kinds of folx braved the risk of rain and arrived together at Blue Park to engage in New York’s first all women and non-binary skateboarding competition led and hosted by Mariah Davenport of SPCC Project. Local artists and vendors were welcome to use the space as well during the competition featuring free recycled decks, clothing by Speakeasy Luxe, tattoos by Erin Olivia, and an art installation by Bree Person.

Two sessions were sectioned for beginners and advanced participants overall tallying up to 17 sessions throughout the day. The coveted best run cash prize of $750 was awarded to Mathilda Kosonis for her Switch Blunt, FS Disaster, Feeble, and BS 50-50. Amber Gedman followed up in 2nd place, and Ashley O’Gormam in 3rd.

Accessibility and inclusivity remain paramount within gender and identity, especially in the skateboarding community. We’re looking forward to seeing more events like these.