Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the new Quell Skateboarding

Allow me to re-introduce myself. 


Quell Skateboarding is a media company. 

We show that skateboarding doesn’t have to look or sound like the cis male point of view our industry has had for the past 40 years. We highlight and uplift the stories and communities of the non-traditional skateboarding world. 

We define non-traditional skateboarding to encompass marginalized genders including women, non-binary folks and trans men as well marginalized ethnicities.

We aim to inspire those to challenge and grow the definition of a skateboarder.

We have a magazine, a podcast, host events, publish articles and video content. 

We tell these stories in so many ways, but at the root of who we are, we are Quell Skateboarding.

Largely though when you get into many of our shared experiences in skateboarding, I find what we stand for here to be such a microcosm of issues we face with the world at large.

So many of our stories get buried because our gender identities were not marketable or valuable to those who don’t look like us. We’ve questioned our place in this community because we haven’t seen people doing what we’ve wanted to do.
Our communities have grown exponentially over time from the most unique circumstances and we honestly haven’t even started to reach the same equality and visibility as our cis male counterparts in this industry. 

I have so much faith in our community beyond just what we do here at Quell. The most powerful part about the non-traditional skate community is we have recognized early on that collectively we are stronger. 

I genuinely feel like we as a community haven’t even scraped the surface of what we can become.
This new website is our home base. We’re the same platform, the same views, just a more solid foundation.
I have been beyond excited to bring this moment to life today.

Enjoy the new era of Quell Skateboarding.



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