Lightning Round: Four Skaters Talk About Their Exposure 2019

Exposure this year was one of the biggest and best yet. The contest drew women of all ages and from all around the world to hang out, skate, and maybe even win some money and prizes. We had such an amazing time chatting with everyone we met, so many inspiring women!

We caught up with some folks and asked them a few questions about the contest.

Alex White

What does exposure mean to you?

Exposure is a long running contest. Exposure in its beginning was because there were no other events– as to give girls literally exposure, get them out there, get them publicity and have a contest for them. It’s evolving now and Exposure means probably quality and bringing in more people. We’re exposing that this actually exists out there and there’s a lot of girl skaters or non-binary skaters that also rip and want a community.

What brings you here?

I come here every year to judge but also i like to come. This is a great contest. There used to be only two women’s contests so this was 1 of 2 not serious contest that you can come and have fun.

What’s your favorite part of all of this?

My favorite part of Exposure is just seeing how much it grows every year and just seeing new talent and new skaters. I also like seeing the events like 30 & over.

Spencer Breaux

What does Exposure mean to you?

Exposure is just a nice way to see all the upcoming girls in skating. I been doing exposure since I was about eight, since when it first came on to just the progression of all the girls now and all the new little girls who are just killing it.

What brings you out here?

I’m just here because I like this contest. It feels like a community and not competitive and I really like that energy. I get to see all my friends that skate

Who was your favorite skater of today

Probably Ruby because she did a 540 on the vert ramp.

Nora Vasconcellos

What does exposure mean to you?

Exposure is probably the premiere girls event that we have going, and the most important part about it I think is just having the younger generation here. There are a lot of options for girls who are just learning and getting into their first contest.

What brings you here today?

I am just getting to watch my friends, that brings me back every time.

Who was your favorite skater today?

Nicole Hause, because of her big air on the vert got to watch her shred. She’s coming back from a knee injury so it’s cool to see my friends healthy and skating

Arianna Carmona

What does Exposure mean to you?

Exposure is my favorite contest of the year. I like that it’s all girls and we’re just supporting each other the whole time and it’s just a really fun event.

Why do you come what brings you here?

I been doing the contest for the past few years, since the beginning. I’m really happy that it’s here at Huntington this year because I really like this park and it’s so much fun.

Do you think that it’s important that there are events like exposure that cater primarily to women?

I think it really empowers a lot of younger girls who have never done a contest before to enter. This a greater starter contest because it’s not as serious park series or anything else it’s just a really fun time.