Skate Pop: Betty Episode 03 “Happy Birthday, Tyler”

Okay these episodes keep getting better and better. We’re back with a recap of episode three of Betty, Skate Kitchen’s HBO series. There’s not a lot to say other than: why are these episodes thirty minutes long? This one was JAM packed with so much information that I wish we got a little breathing room.

As the weather starts to turn, it’s so nice to see these summer skate scenes. Who know’s what this summer will truly bring…at least it’ll bring three more episodes of Betty!

We open on the night after sleeping at the bottom of the bowl from the previous episode. Kirt, Honeybear and Indigo are at a diner and Kirt realizes it’s Janays birthday! Time to celebrate. Indigo realizes that she left her weed pens somewhere and Honeybear goes with her back to Chelsea to scout them out. Kirt starts smoking in the diner to distract them from paying the bill as she runs away.

At Chelsea we have a Zoe spotting! We get a vibey montage of Zoe and a guy skating and another organic title drop on the side of the bowl. Indigo starts to see these guys smoking her pens and yells at them to get them back. They’ve taken and smoked a bunch of them, and she realizes she’s about to be in deep trouble.

Her and Honeybear leave the park and Honeybear sees the girl that she had a crush on in the park the episode before. Indigo encourages her to go say hi but we later see Honeybear skate towards her to say hi and completely skates past her.

Afterwards, Honeybear is grocery shopping and realizes that Camille still works at the grocery store from the movie…that’s a funny plot to stick with. Honeybear grabs a bunch of shit and obviously goes straight to her check out lane. Camille attempts to apologize as she rings up the items. After Camille rings up everything, Honeybear says she only needs the water bottle, and they exchange “got cha” glances because that is honestly amazing revenge.

Janay is looking at our girl Jules “instagram” when she hears Kirt in the window. Jules aka Yvette is the girl who claims that Donald sexually harassed her. What are we plotting… Anyway, Kirt stole a balloon on her way to hang out with Janay for her birthday and brings it to her to celebrate. They go get their nails done and Kirt doesn’t understand why Janay is glued to her phone. Please note that Jules is with our angel Liv in these cutie fake boomerangs. Janay finally admits that Jules aka Yvette has been talking shit about her and Kirt agrees they should fuck her up.


Meanwhile, Bambi is at the Queens globe and asks fo get a clip with Camille. She loves the way he’s filming her. The other boys are hyped for her except Charlie who says some fucked up shit to her because he’s jealous that Bambi is paying attention to her. Bambi clarifies that he’s not just shooting her because she’s a woman and that she’s actually good. After skating, Bambi starts to talk to Camille about her style and she admits to love Charlie Chaplin. Bambi starts to do his walk and she feels super embarrassed. Do you feel the chemistry? Yikes.

Cut to Janay, Kirt and Honeybear pull up at the park trying to find Yvette based on nothing but Instagram. It’s New York city so I don’t know how effective this would be in actual real life. There’s some fun party where lots of Brooklyn friends make cameos dancing. Janay finally gives in and dances a little bit.

We get a dreamy synth clip of the gang skating down a street in Williamsburg. They all pull up to a spot where everyone went after skating and Farook finds Indigo. They go leave to have a drug convo. Janay is talking to Honeybear and starts judging Yvette based on her instagram and starts to justify why she’s going to fuck her up. We kind of travel through all these conversations and it really makes you feel the energy of being at a party.

Back in Farook’s car him and indigo start arguing and she leaves him to go her his money. Indigo opens one of those insane apartments where the elevator is street level. I’ve always wondered about those. We realize that indigo lives in a super nice apartment with her mom and that she’s pretty wealthy. Indigo asks for $3,000 and her mom obviously says no. She sneaks into her office and writes her check.


Back at night Bambi and Camille are still walking around and he doesn’t invite her back up. Whats going on there? He asks her to go to “The Dome” in a hour. I’m starting not to trust this hoe. What is he doing to you Camille? Was he worth ruining your friendship with the girls over?

Everyone seems to be at the Dome. Honeybear makes Camille introduce her formally to Ash. They start to make awkward talk but Ash asks to get a drink with her and gives her her number on her board. Skater boys and girls, that’s a move I want to hear about in the future.

Meanwhile, Janay finds “Yvette” and starts screaming at her. Turns out though that Yvette has a beautiful twin who is ready to throw down for her sister. The real Yvette comes over and the girls start to get into an argument. Kirt pushes her out of nowhere and punches someone. Camille gets hit back and a huge fight erupts and then suddenly ends by a skateboard smashing the window.


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